Daddy Long Legs @ The Barn Theatre


"Enthusiastic, supportive and sensitive to the process"

Niklas was my Assistant Director on the recent two-handed musical Daddy Long Legs at The Barn in Cirencester. During that time he was everything you want an assistant to be: enthusiastic, supportive and sensitive to the process, able to step back and offer assistance when necessary, support the actors and come up with some fantastic ideas when needed! He is a creative, imaginative director who has the ability to see the bigger picture and also read the rehearsal room. He was also very good at going to see the show once it was up and reporting back on any issues that might have arisen.

-Kirstie Davis, Daddy Long Legs

Nik’s work as an actor and a director always demonstrates a clarity and insight that give his performances a depth and sensitivity. His work is detailed in both his approach to fellow creatives and to his interpretation of the text. This is clear evidence of his commitment to the work, either as part of a team or when leading a team. With Nik you always have a sense that cares and that is an excellent quality to have.

The balance in Nik’s outlook between being an actor and a director and his love of both stage and film give his work a great visual style, but also a fusion between the real and the imaginative. It also means he’s great at juggling ideas and projects, with each often benefitting from the experience of the other.

Above all Nik is a great person to have in the room. He is always upbeat and proactive in his responses - willing to try the first idea and then the next and then the next, until he finds a creative and exciting solution. Having directed Nik, I know he is always willing to push things further rather than just settle. Also, having worked with him on production, I know I can trust him to faithfully recreate ideas while at the same time search for new ones.

-Mark Langley, Head of Music and Performing Arts @ Bath Spa

Our Country's Good @ Bath Spa University

"Slick, smart and very funny"

"It was a pleasure to see such simplicity when given so fantastical an idea to focus on, having anything more would have been difficult to swallow"

"The actors were skilled at bringing us in and gave us an energy we just had to follow. All three were fun, open, confident, at times deliciously frantic, and at times tearfully heart-warming"

"Slick, smart and very funny. Excellent acting and excellent direction"

"Storytelling straight out of Black Mirror and the like"

"Get lost in fantasy, question your humanity, bathe in the realms of Ridley… Go and see it!" - TheatreLab ****

-Radiant Vermin, Reviews

"[Rebecca Jayne-Davies is] perfect at capturing the youthful Jerusha abbott" - Watching from the Cheap Seats

"Outstanding acting, beautiful voices, and a sweet tension that builds and builds. Their performances are an absolute delight to behold" - Wiltshire and Gloucester Standard *****

"Daddy Long Legs is a beautiful, heartwarming, and phenomenal production" - Creative Reviews UK


"It’s a production that never lets go of the audience’s attention, whose soppiness is easily forgiven, and another rock solid piece of work brimming with talent from the Barn Theatre" - The Stage 


"I've discovered the secret of happiness is... going to watch Daddy Long Legs at @theBarnTheatre!! Such a joyous production!!" - @JessSykes96

-Daddy Long Legs, Reviews

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